Best Cellar 40th Anniversary

Poster for first Best CellarThe Best Cellar celebrated its anniversary 40 years to the day after it started on June 22, 1973. Larry Edgar provided the sound reinforcement as he has done for almost every Best Cellar since he helped create it, and there were performances by several groups and individuals who have been active with the program over the years.

Best Cellar History Part 1

Best Cellar History Part 2

Mark WeissMark Weiss, the current Best Cellar producer, introduced the perfomrers:
Bill Smyth, Dick & Diane ThiesDick and Diane Thies, performing together and with Bill Smyth,
Sharon & DaveDave Thormahlen and Sharon Maurer,
Tom & Ellen DemarestTom and Ellen Demarest – Tom was one of the Best Cellar founders, performed at the first Best Cellar and currently produces concerts as,
Chris MundtChris Mundt, who’s helped run the Best Cellar for many years,
Audrey PerkinsAudrey Perkins, performing a rare solo with guitar,
Best Cellar FoundersThe Best Cellar founders, Tom Demarest, Linda Benson and Larry Edgar, were introduced and acknowledged,
Best Cellar Producersas were past and present Best Cellar producers, Jay Yaich, Ann Warren, Bill Smyth and Rita Brown, Dick Thies and Mark Weiss.
Barbara Gladstone & Audrey PerkinsAudrey Perkins returned with Barbara Gladstone to sing about a fish,
Audrey Perkins, Barbara & Neal Gladstoneand Neil Gladstone joined them to sing Save Our Planet, which for many years was the closing song at the last Best Cellar each year,
Standing Ovationleading to a standing ovation by the very large crowd.  This Best Cellar was held upstairs in the Methodist Church because the crowd would have filled the usual basement room several times over.
Tatiana Hargreaves & Marfa LevineAfter intermission, Tatiana Hargreaves was awarded the Corvallis Folklore Society student scholarship award by co-president Marfa Levine, after which Tatiana performed a couple of songs.
Rita Brown & Bill SmythBill Smyth and Rita Brown, long-time performers and former producers, played next,
Mark Weiss, Chere & Cliff Pereirathen MC2, with Mark Weiss and Cliff and Chere Pereira. Mark has produced the Best Cellar for the past several years, and Chere has done the concert booking for CFS for decades!
Jay YaichA piano solo by former Best Cellar producer Jay Yaich,
and a final sing-along with the performers closed the show.Closing Composite