Best Cellar Schedule

I think I finally have dates settled with the Methodist Church for this coming year. There may be a change or two, but this may be it. So, if you would, maybe mark these dates on your calendar.
We have two kinds of Best Cellars. The regular, two acts per night with music starting at 7:30. And then there are a couple of special shows in which multiple performers will play for just a couple of songs each.
   The regulars
September 30th
October 28th
November 18th
December 30th
January 27th
February 24th
March 31st (but could get switched to the 24th)
April 28th
May 26th
June 30th
Beatlesfest   January 13th
50th year anniversary show June 16th
Thanks for your patience on this. Hope you all are doing well.
Mark Weiss