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Not much is being booked due to the COVID 19 uncertainty.

These folks want to come.    Contact Chere  about doing one.

Mostly Kosher- Los Angeles Klezmer Gypsy-rock crossover group, March (short notice!)

Maeve Gilchrist– Scottish Harper- OCT

Mànran – Scottish band tagged as “folk-rock”, “trad-rock”, “Celtic-rock” and even “grown-up folk-rock”, OCT

Greg Blake and Real Country- traditional and contemporary bluegrass, folk, traditional country-NOV

Rona- Amsterdam based Margot Merah with Timothy Hull.  trad folk (Scottish/Irish/American) and more modern folk- NOV

Katie McNally with Fàrsan -Gaelic music from Scotland- May

Tracy Grammer- popular singer storyteller; many songs of Dave Carter – timing flexible-

Brenda Castles, Irish concertina player & singer, west coast tour in April 2020 with uilleann piper Joey Abarta


There are also CFS co-sponsored concerts at the Whiteside Theatre  

These are co-sponsored by CFS so members can get their CFS discount.

Contact for info or to volunteer:  Rob Gandara



Who are those folks in the Booking bar? They are performers from CFS concerts from the past few years: Hanneke Cassel, Chuck Pyle, Claudia Schmidt, Kevin Crawford (Lunasa), John McCutcheon, Rudiger Oppermann, Cillian Vallely (Lunasa) and Lissa Schneckenburger.

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