Corvallis Contra Weekend FAQ


We’re going to be fairly strict about testing and masking. The point is to have fun, avoid problems for others and dance safely all weekend long.

Pre-dance masking
We want you to come dance with us, so please wear a mask whenever you’re out and about during the week+ prior to the dance.
Test before arrival
You’ll need to show us a very recent rapid test as you arrive for the Friday dance. “Recent” means “today, a few hours ago or less.” If you prefer, initial your stick then take a time-stamped photo of the stick to show us.
We expect you to provide your own test kits. Please bring an extra test or two, for your own use if you should feel ill during the weekend. They are readily available, often at low or no cost through your health insurance or here:
Self reporting
If you have symptoms or test positive in the week prior to the dance, do not come! While at the dance, if you begin to have symptoms or test positive, please self quarantine immediately!
Please send email to as soon as you test positive or are feeling sick – to tell us why you won’t be dancing.
Masked dancing
We require you to correctly wear an N94, N95 or KN95 mask whenever you are inside, whether dancing or taking a break. Neither cloth masks nor surgical masks suffice. We want you to wear your mask all the time, unless you’re drinking water.
We specifically allow you to use Enro Mask or Vogmask which tout heightened filtration close to or equal to N95s. Those are specific brands. They aren’t inexpensive. We strongly recommend you use masks that meet the specs mentioned above.
 Image of generic KN95 mask Image of Airgami mask Image of Enro maskimage of 3M N95 masks

What people ask

The bottom line: Most of the things you need to do are possible, but there are some sharp edges in here too. If you don’t know how to do something, please ask rather than just poking at things to see what happens.

Online and I don’t get along. Can I register using a paper form?
If you really have to, you can print the pages for the on-line form, fill them in, and send them in. We’d really prefer that you just click “submit” instead.
Where is the schedule?
You can find the FINAL Weekend schedule on the website (PDF).
Role terms?
All the sessions will be taught and called with lark and robin terminology.
May I bring my pet?
Not to the dance venues, please. Not all dancers will enjoy dealing with your pet, so please leave it home.
Will there be (a specific) session/workshop?
“Maybe”. There will be dance sessions that emphasize some aspect(s) of contra dancing. There will be workshops with musicians, and usually a callers brown bag lunch. We always work with the callers and musicians to have sessions that they like and we think people will enjoy.
Are the potlucks vegan / gluten free / happening this year…?
Sadly, there well be no potlucks this year. You’ll have to find your own meals.
Ask any question, fix something not mentioned above, suggest an addition to this list or anything else?
Please contact the registrar:
NOTE: This email is not regularly monitored until registration opens.

Does the weekend offer any behavior guidelines?

Yes, The weekend has a new Dance Safety Policy.

How do you do admissions?

In “priority order”
The majority of dancers who have signed up and paid are added to the roster in priority order.
What’s “priority order”?
Your priority order is determined by when you signed up. If your payment is 10 or more days late, your priority order is based on the timestamp of an online transaction or the postmark when you send a check.
Role balancing
We no longer do “role balancing”.
Waiting list
Dancers who signed up and paid but were not admitted in the first pass are added to the waiting list in random order. Anyone who registers later will be added to the bottom of the waiting list. If we have openings, we will fill them from the top of the waiting list.
You are notified by email when you are admitted or put onto the waiting list. We try to get that done by three weeks after signups open. Failing that, we try really hard to get it done by Christmas… or if the signup period goes on longer, soon after we receive your payment.
Early admission
We may admit you “early”, if you ask. The most common reason is because you need to know in order to make travel plans. If you think you have a good reason, please ask.
Will this change?
Probably. We will try to keep this document current. If it looks wrong, please contact the registrar.

Are my chances of getting in better if…

… I sign up as early as possible?
Yes. Signup starts just after midnight on the day the website mentions, and continues until we have signups for about 110% of the number of dancers who will be accepted. Some dancers will be on the waiting list.
… I’m part of a dance couple?
No. We pay no attention, aside from the count of registrants.
… I offer a donation?
No, though we are a 501(c)(3) organization and welcome donations.
… I offer housing for out of town dancers?
No, though we do very much welcome that!
… I tell you my preferred dance role is “lead”?
No. In many earlier dances, “lead” dancers were able to sign up later and still get in. More recently, that has not been the case.
… What about chocolate?
No, though it is good to bring some chocolate or other individually packaged food to share throughout the weekend.

When signups have closed

We try to close signups after we have a “sufficient” number of dancers on the waiting list to fill blanks when dancers have to drop out: You are not guaranteed a place at the dance just because you were able to sign up. We do try to guess what “sufficient” will be so as not to disappoint very many dancers.

Year Date closed Days open
2022 Cancelled
2021 Cancelled
2020 November 20th 5
2019 November 20th 5
2018 December 2nd 17
2017 December 20th 29
2016 December 18th 27
2015 December 8th 23
2014 December 22nd 31
2013 December 6th 36 *
2012 December 26th 50 *
Earlier (December / January) 50 or more
† Approximate for some dances
* Signups opened 1 November before 2014