CFS Cancellation messages 2020

Contradance     CFS contra dances are cancelled for now, to avoid spreading COVID-19

Hoolyeh  The Hoolyehs normally dance through the year on every second Monday of the month  at the UU Fellowship Social Hall.
Hoolyeh no in-person dancing
until further notice

Hoolyeh dancing by zoom continues on Tuesdays, 5-6:30

all song circles have been cancelled until further notice  (a shared song)

The Best Cellar is on hold until it’s safe to gather again.

 Whenever we are able to resume the Best Cellar I’ll be working to book all the acts that I’ve had to cancel. But I’d like, if possible, to kick it off with the Beatle Fest we had to cancel at the beginning of summer. Seems like it’d be a great way to get live music going again. I know this is months away, at least, but just thought I’d let you know that a Beatle Fest is still in the plans… Just don’t have any ability to plan, at this point.  Mark

Whitesides Concerts

All live events are cancelled due to the current Covid-19 risk factors in Benton County, but we are looking to bring them back around March. (check the above link

Local Folk cancelled until further notice

John McCutcheon

John McCutcheon will not do a live show in Corvallis this fall. Instead, on
Oct 2 he will do a Northwest show of which we will be a part. It will be
livestreamed through the Mandolin platform. Details to follow. He plans to
do a Northwest tour in March and is working on dates.

Check his website for information about all his online shows and projects.

Portland Folk Music concerts are cancelled through May and none shown beyond that