Best Cellar

June 15, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Methodist Church
150 NW 11th St
Corvallis, OR 97330
$2-10 sliding scale
Mark Weiss

Acoustic Beatle Fest

We will be recreating the old “Beatle Fest,” that ran for many years, mostly at the Fairgrounds. But Beatle Fest began as an evening of all acoustic arrangements, at the Old World Deli, back when Old World was the largest music venue in town. The creator of Beatle Fest, George Beekman, will be on hand to help MC this event, and to add percussion for some of the musicians who perform.

Musicians include Barbara Gladstone, Fred Towne, Audrey Perkins, Pete Kozak, Suz Doyle, Nils Nilson, Jeanne Homes, john Bliss, Bryan Yorgey, Bill Pfender, Mark Weiss, Cliff and Chere Pereira, Paul Regan, Joel Garfunkle and Larry Beekman, who  played at the very first Beatle Fest low those many years ago.

Music begins at 7:30
We will be in the Sanctuary of the Methodist Church on 11th and Monroe
Admission is 2-10 dollars, your choice. Kids are free and welcome.
Coffee, tea, cookies, and gluten free cookies are available for 50 cents each.
Folks may want to arrive early, to get parked close.

This show is a benefit for the Corvallis Folklore Society. We hope all members will come and support our parent organization, while enjoying some really good songs performed in original ways.

The best Cellar is a once-a-month evening of acoustic music. Admission is “pay what you will,” and kids are free. Cookies and coffee are available. Located in the cellar of the Methodist Church on 11th and Monroe, in Corvallis. For more information, or to join the volunteer team, contact Mark Weiss at

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