Portland FolkMusic Society fAll Song Festival

September 24, 2021 – September 26, 2021 all-day
Portland FolkMusic Society

PFS fAll Song FestivalPortland FolkMusic Society is delighted to announce this new event – not because of the pandemic, but because we want to create a space where old and new friends from across the US and around the world enjoy music together. No cars, no hotels, just music!

PFS is planning a full slate of events, starting with a wonderful group of guest artists: Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen, Rita Gallagher, William Seiji Marsh, Michelle Alany, LaRhonda Steele, and Arietta Ward, who will do concerts over the three days. We’ll have workshops, song circles and panels led by participants, and there will be big events every evening where participants who want to can sing for the whole group, and those who don’t can soak up the good vibes and good singing. In March this year, we held our first big on-line event, Singtime 2021, and the participants – from 26 states and nine countries – created a magical space, filled with warmth, music and community. We hope you will come to fAll Song and create more magic. To find out more, to register, and to volunteer to lead a song circle or a workshop or help with tech, just click here. Thanks, keep singing, and we hope to see you in September.

Alana McKenzie for the PFS fAll Song organizing committee

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