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Not getting your CFS Newsletter?

I just had my CFS newsletter come in as junk.  Others may have this happen.  If you did not get the latest Newsletter, check your junk folder and find a way to move it to your main in folder (a button for not-junk or move message….)


Newsletter Changes:      We now do a monthly (aprox.) newsletter in PDF format and send it by email (see below).  You may need to download something to read PDF (like Adobe Reader which is free).

Anyone who doesn’t have a computer can go to the Corvallis Library, where the staff there could help them get online to look at the newsletter.

You may have to reduce the size (Command-minus if on a Mac).

Recent Newsletters

Oct-Nov 2021 Newsletter PDF: CFS Newsletter 10-2021

Nov-Dec 2021 Newsletter PDF: CFS Newsletter 11-2021 corrected

Dec 2021- Jan 2022 Newsletter PDF:CFS Newsletter 12-2021

Jan 2022- Jan 2022 Newsletter PDF:CFS Newsletter 1-2022

Feb-Mar 2022- Newsletter PDF:CFS Newsletter 2-2022

April-May 2022- Newsletter PDF: CFS Newsletter 4-2022

May-June 2022- Newsletter PDF: CFS Newsletter 5-2022a

June-July 2022- Newsletter PDF:CFS Newslettter 6-2022 & NO Zoom

July-Aug 2022- Newsletter PDF:CFS Newsletter2 7-2022


Corvallis Calendar Links    (at a new web address)

(OSU has closed down the Web service I used to use. This is the replacement)


See also the membership heading

Information and a description of the new memberplanet system is posted there. Make sure we have your e-mail address if you want to receive the newsletter.       Please contact:

Submitting Information to the CFS Newsletter:

The newsletter deadline is the 2nd Monday of the month.  Please submit by e-mail to the editor:  Richard Thies  (see contacts page)

Sending as e-mail text with attached jpegs is fine or most other word processor programs will work if you send them in a version that is not too new.  My translator might not do the latest version.

The deadline for calendar items is 5:00 PM on the Sunday before the 2nd Monday of the month.  Submit to  to  Dave Rabinowitz  (see contacts page)

Non-CFS concert info can run no more than one-half page and won’t be run opposite a CFS event.

Comments about the web newsletter:  Richard Thies  (see contacts page)

I have a few supplemental pages:

Booking with links to interested performers (You can help bring one of these)

Best Cellar History Part 1 (40 year Bash and 2013 GT Article)

Best Cellar History Part 2 (1992 GT Article and cookie recipe)