Song Circle Disclaimer Song

The Song Circle Disclaimer Talking Blues    by Dick Thies   (in a traditional style)

Now ya go to song circle, let me tell you what to do
Gotta find a disclaimer that’s right for you
Something that’s fun, but sorta true
Something that explains what you can’t do
    For lack of abilities  There’s lots of possibilities 

Ya know I’m getting’ kinda old and I forget some stuff
My brain can’t work on the lines that are tough
I could read the words from the old Blue Book
But my eyesight’s kinda shaky so its hard to look
    That font’s kinda small     I think they changed the words         

My right shoulder’s acting up and it makes me kinda blue
Got some rotator cuff damage with some tendonitis too 
I could hardly make my fingers go,  to do my banjo pickin’
And holding that heavy banjo it, well it bothered like the dickens

So I’m doing my therapy,   tryin’ to work on my dexterity
Now before I give it up, I could just play a tune
But my fingers get confused &  don’t know what their doin’
And yesterday’s carpentry was goin’ pretty slick 
‘Til I hammered thumb   now its kinda hard to pick

    But   it might be OK if my strings weren’t old
       And I didn’t have to worry that this capo won’t hold
         Maybe I could just do one a cappella