About producing a concert

by Dick Thies

Producing means you coordinate things and it is usually fun. You get to meet the performers and maybe share a meal or house them. You pick some helpers for things like posters, taking tickets etc. You may meet some new friends that way. Give it a try. Here is a list of roughly what you do:

  • Set a date and reserve hall; then ask the CFS treasurer to send a deposit (or payment)
  • Reserve sound person
  • Find some volunteers to help (posters, tickets, ushers….)
  • Make press release and article for CFS newsletter
  • Arrange to have posters and tickets designed
  • Arrange to have posters & tickets copied & cut at Hendersons
  • Send press releases out and info to the GT with an image
  • Arrange for lights
  • Arrange to have posters put up
  • Take tickets to GrassRoots Bookstore
  • Arrange for special needs, e.g. food and housing
  • Get checks from treasurer
  • Pick up key for venue
  • Pick up ticket sale money from Grass Roots
  • Open the venue
  • Announce the performers
  • Calculate the money, pay the performers and sound person and turn in the key