On-line Concerts


***Folk music on the internet from Dave Rabinowitz

If you miss baseball or John McCutcheon, check out

John is doing an online concert each Sunday at noon PDT – check out his facebook
page https://www.facebook.com/John-McCutcheon-166909916655518/

  ***From Chere Pereira:

There are many musicians who are performing on facebook. 

Here are two great ones:

Sally Rogers Music  (a song a day; and there is an exceptional version of  Lovely Agnes with Claudia Schmidt)

Susan Werner (has something every Sunday at 4 PM).

***From Dick Thies

WILLIAM PINT & FELICIA DALE   https://www.pintndale.com/

There will be one in August


September 4th 5th & 6th
(Tumbleweed Festival)
This wonderful festival moves online for 2020

Saturday, September 12th
SailFest 2020
Sailfest, a New Jersey based festival will include two Pint & Dale sets in the schedule  – times to be determined.
A reminder will be sent out with links and times and other details as they are available.


Sept 12, 2020   Virtual Wooden Boat Festival

You can have some of the experience without driving to Port Townsend.

Virtual Wooden Boat Festival





Folk Alley Radio stream of their favorites of 2020 (so far)