On-line Concerts

Also for  links to daily online folk music events: https://portlandfolkmusic.org/

***Folk music on the internet

If you miss baseball or John McCutcheon, check out

John is doing an online concert each Sunday at noon PDT – check out his facebook
page https://www.facebook.com/John-McCutcheon-166909916655518/

  ***From Chere Pereira:

There are many musicians who are performing on facebook. 

Here are two great ones:

Sally Rogers Music  (a song a day; and there is an exceptional version of  Lovely Agnes with Claudia Schmidt)

Susan Werner (has something every Sunday at 4 PM).

***From Dick Thies

Pint & Dale Disasters at Sea

livestream show,  Sunday, Nov.14, 2:30 pm


Speaking of disasters… this month we will do a concert featuring various hazards and pitfalls endemic in a life at sea, though actual ‘pitfalls’ are rare out on the ocean waves.

Bring your hankies — maritime disasters can be grim. We’ll include the ritual singing of The Mary Stanford of Rye and Isaac Lewis to be sure, but we plan to expand the definition enough to include a few lighter topics that still qualify So please do join us:

Streamed Live on Youtube