On-line Concerts


***Folk music on the internet

If you miss baseball or John McCutcheon, check out

John is doing an online concert each Sunday at noon PDT – check out his facebook
page https://www.facebook.com/John-McCutcheon-166909916655518/

  ***From Chere Pereira:

There are many musicians who are performing on facebook. 

Here are two great ones:

Sally Rogers Music  (a song a day; and there is an exceptional version of  Lovely Agnes with Claudia Schmidt)

Susan Werner (has something every Sunday at 4 PM).

***From Dick Thies

Sarah Jaroz  Live webcast  Oct 27, 5 pm


Join host Bob Santelli for a conversation and live remote performance by three-time GRAMMY award winning, singer-songwriter Sara Jarosz.  The event is part of the College of Liberal Arts’ American String Series.




Every October, for the last decade or so, we’ve been presenting a concert featuring the songs from our repertoire with supernatural themes — haunted ships, ghostly visitations, encounters with other worldly entities.

Over the years we added other Halloween favorites that never get played at any other performance. We’ve done this show once in Washington, DC and once in Chicago, but otherwise it’s always been in Seattle at the beloved ‘Couth Buzzard where it became our best attended gig — Standing Room Only! This year, taking advantage of the situation, we’ll add some ‘special effects’ and bring the show to the wider world through the internet so there will be no need to stand (unless you want to stand!)

We look forward to this one every year — costumes, lights, sound effects — lots of silliness and fun! Please join us for this special event on

Friday, October 30th at 2:30pm (Pacific Time)

Our plan is to LiveStream this concert on YouTube,

On YouTube:    https://youtu.be/Y5P1czO9x0Y