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Friday April 12   Dick Hensold and Patsy O’Brien

Where: Unitarian Fellowship, Corvallis

When: Doors open at 6:30, concert at 7pm

Tickets: $20 in advance online or at Grassroots Books and Music. $25 at the door. $2 discount for CFS members. To receive the $2 discount for CFS members, use coupon code “cfsceltic24”

Benefit for the Corvallis Celtic Festival

Music born from the age-old traditions of Ireland, Scotland, England and Cape Breton is given new life in the hands of two of its master musicians. Piper Dick Hensold and guitarist and singer Patsy OBrien deliver an astonishing evening of songs, tunes and stories that have stood the test of time, and leave both the serious music lover and casual listener wanting more. 


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Saturday April 13, 10am Workshops 

with Dick Hensold and Patsy O’Brien

Held in private Corvallis homes.  90 minute workshop

$25 at the door goes directly to the teacher

email for more information and to register

Guitar Backup with Patsy O’Brien-20 participant limit

Learn how to accompany Irish Jigs, Reels and other common rhythms on guitar in standard tuning or DADGAD

Traditional Scottish music for recorder, based on early manuscripts with Dick Hensold-15 participant limit

According to eminent Scottish musicologist David Johnson, the recorder was an important instrument for playing traditional Scottish tunes in the 1st half of the 18th century in the Scottish lowlands, based on what was found in a number of recorder manuscripts from that period.  Explore some of the music from those MSS with Dick Hensold, with sheet music provided, and notes and discussion of history and interpretation.  Bring an alto recorder; music will be provided for both C and F fingering.  This workshop is intended for both traditional music aficionados, and recorder players more familiar with standard early music practice.  Participants who don’t read music will need to bring recording devices, since the workshop will be mainly taught from written music scores.


Countercurrent House Concert

 Sunday, May 19.  7 pm

Countercurrent is an acoustic folk music duo based in Olympia, Washington, composed of Alex Sturbaum and Brian Lindsay. They have achieved nationwide acclaim for their high-energy style, which draws on deep traditional roots from Ireland and North America while incorporating new influences to create a sound that is at once unique and timeless.


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