CFS Concerts


CFS is collaborating with the Whiteside Theatre to bring in some Celtic groups.  To volunteer to help,  Contact Rob Gandara :

Listing of Scheduled Whiteside Concerts

Upcoming CFS Concerts 2019

Sunday, Aug 4, Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen


The Celtic Music Series at the Whiteside Theatre

The concerts soon to come are:

Thurs, July 25, I Draw Slow, Irish Roots Music


 Non-CFS Concerts and Events of interest

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Please check the Calendar of Upcoming Concerts for concert details

See also:  Other Special Events

The CFS Concert series features regional, national, and international talent in a variety of locations around Corvallis. These concerts are scheduled irregularly, as performers come to town. Dick Thies maintains information about upcoming concerts on his personal website. You can find information on some of the concerts CFS has hosted on the CFS history page.

Producing a Concert

We have acts that would like to be booked (and who is booked)

Past CFS Concerts

Past House Concerts