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Choro das 3 – Choro music from Brazil @ CedarHouse (see website for address)
Apr 23 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Choro Das 3Choro das 3

This multi-instrumental trio of sisters touring from Brazil are a virtuosic wonder to behold. “Choro das 3” is from São Paulo, Brazil, and are highly regarded as some of the best choro musicians in the world. (Choro is an enormously appealing lively or romantic musical style that originated in Brazil over 100 years ago and is now popular internationally.) In Brazil, this group has been featured on national television, played for the president, and played for huge audiences at national festivals. They have legions of fans and followers all over the world and when you see and hear them it will be easy to understand why. They are traveling the US in their motorhome and you can see all their adventures on their website. Or check out this video of the two youngest sisters here.

6PM concert at 5pm gather. We are hoping to have it on the lawn stage as a picnic show if the weather agrees. If it’s not a warm and dry day we will have it indoors either here or at the hall. We will make that determination a few days before based on projections. Donation is $20 or $25 per person. Email to make your reservation

A house concert is an excellent place to hear and meet great musicians in a very intimate setting.

House Concert – Countercurrent @ Private home in Corvallis
May 19 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Countercurrent is an acoustic folk music duo based in Olympia, Washington, composed of Alex Sturbaum and Brian Lindsay. They have achieved nationwide acclaim for their high-energy style, which draws on deep traditional roots from Ireland and North America while incorporating new influences to create a sound that is at once unique and timeless. Alex’s driving guitar and gifted songwriting, Brian’s lyrical fiddle and rock-solid foot percussion, and the duo’s lively interplay, tight vocal harmonies, and unstoppable groove make a Countercurrent performance an event unlike any other. Wherever they go, the question remains the same: “How does that much sound come out of just two people?”

For this special fundraiser concert, they will be joined by renowned New England fiddler Cedar Stanistreet for twin fiddle harmonies and driving dance tunes that can’t be beat! Countercurrent has a huge following among Corvallis contra dancers. This house concert provides a rare opportunity to hear the full breadth of their musicianship in an intimate, acoustic setting. 

Tickets will go on sale April 14 at

The location has a capacity of only 40 people, so order early

Two Crows for Comfort – Acoustic Roots @ CedarHouse (see website for address)
Jun 6 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Two Crows For ComfortTwo Crows for Comfort Acoustic Roots

This group sounds so good to my ears. I highly recommend joining us for this special concert. Manitoba Country Music Association’s 2021 Roots Duo/Group of the Year, Two Crows for Comfort, are a touring folk-roots duo from the prairie wonderland of Manitoba. These wandering troubadours, accompanied by their pup, Elliot, travel across North America in an 18-foot camper, playing countless shows from coast to coast to coast Here’s a little video sample of their fine sound. Donation $20 per person. Email for details and to make your reservation.

A house concert is an excellent place to hear and meet great musicians in a very intimate setting.