Celtic Harps, Rare Instruments & Wondrous Stories with Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter

March 8, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
First Methodist Church, upstairs room
1165 Monroe Ave
Concert $20, Workshop $25, or $40 for both / CFS members: Concert $18, Workshop $23, or $35 for both
(415) 642-1466

Celtic Harps, Rare Instruments & Wondrous Stories
with Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter

Frankfurter & LynneWorkshop: Intro to Swedish music for all instruments:

In this workshop you will learn some Swedish “gems” demonstrated on the Nyckelharpa; But any instrument will benefit from this as we will discuss some basic rhythms, ornaments and phrasing that makes a tune sound “Swedish.” We will learn the music in the tradition first, which will be by ear, phrase by phrase slowly. After we have the tune down together I will distribute the music for those who want to read. For some tunes, I will share seconds (the second harmony parts) and chords for fretted instrument players. We will learn with some really cool, relatively easy, popularly played tunes. As well as some more unique polskas. An extra Nyckelharpa will be on hand for you to try.

Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter are a multi-instrumentalist duo with Celtic Harps, Swedish Nyckelharpa, Ukrainian Bandura, Bouzouki, Cittern and more. They hail from Oregon and tour extensively, have performed with some of the biggest names in folk and acoustic music and have sold well over a million albums combined. Audiences are spellbound and enchanted with their unique show of breathtaking music both Traditional and original, with wondrous stories and humor entwined.

Lisa Lynne is a multi-instrumentalist and performer who has gained worldwide recognition for her original music featuring her Celtic Harp. She is widely acclaimed for composing memorable and heartwarming melodies on the Windham Hiill/Sony music labels that have repeatedly placed in the Top 10 & Top 20 on the Billboard New age music charts. Lisa tours year round performing at large US festivals and performing art centers. Her work in Therapeutic music has gained recognition from NBC, CNN, Fox News Atlanta and numerous newspaper and magazine articles including Wall Street Journal. Lisa’s music is heard throughout the award winning PBS special “Alone in the Wilderness,” amongst many other soundtracks for commercial television and independent films. She performs regularly as a solo artist, with Aryeh Frankfurter, Patrick Ball and the Windham Hill tours. She was recently named one of the 50 most inspiring women by Los Angeles Magazine. http://www.LisaLynne.com

Aryeh Frankfurter is a renowned Celtic harper and multi- instrumentalist who went from virtuosic progressive rock violin to intricate Swedish folk and Celtic Music. He began with Classical violin at the age of three, and studied music throughout his life. He has 17 albums to his credit, works on film and television scores as composer and arranger, and continues to teach himself to play a variety of instruments most recently the rarely seen Swedish Nyckelharpa. He earned his masters in philosophy as he was becoming one of the most successful street performers in the US. He is a full time musician and producer whose uncommon approach to the Celtic harp and folk harp repertoire, his critically acclaimed albums have earned him high regard as an artist of extraordinary talents and abilities. www.Lionharp.com


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