Choro das 3 – Choro music from Brazil

April 23, 2024 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
CedarHouse (see website for address)
OR 97456

Choro Das 3Choro das 3

This multi-instrumental trio of sisters touring from Brazil are a virtuosic wonder to behold. “Choro das 3” is from São Paulo, Brazil, and are highly regarded as some of the best choro musicians in the world. (Choro is an enormously appealing lively or romantic musical style that originated in Brazil over 100 years ago and is now popular internationally.) In Brazil, this group has been featured on national television, played for the president, and played for huge audiences at national festivals. They have legions of fans and followers all over the world and when you see and hear them it will be easy to understand why. They are traveling the US in their motorhome and you can see all their adventures on their website. Or check out this video of the two youngest sisters here.

6PM concert at 5pm gather. We are hoping to have it on the lawn stage as a picnic show if the weather agrees. If it’s not a warm and dry day we will have it indoors either here or at the hall. We will make that determination a few days before based on projections. Donation is $20 or $25 per person. Email to make your reservation

A house concert is an excellent place to hear and meet great musicians in a very intimate setting.

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